Put it on the list.

1 Oct

It’s my favorite time of the week! Well, third favorite after Thursday night television and Sunday afternoon …television. It’s my favorite book-related time of the week! The New York Times book review.

Every week this little gem appears in my inbox at a most inopportune time—right when I’m smack in the middle of doing 500 other things. But I’m nothing if not extremely adept at procrastinating on my actual work in favor of reading about books, and always keen to add a few more to my ever-growing and more or less infinite list of things I’d like to read.

Added to the Wishlist today:

BY NIGHTFALL, Michael Cunningham

THE PLOT: Art dealer Peter Harris and his magazine editor wife Rebecca are settled into a comfortable life in Manhattan’s art scene, until their staid existence is disrupted by the arrival of Ethan, Rebecca’s much younger brother whose nickname—Mizzy, short for “The Mistake”—belies his whimsical attitude and overall fuckup station in life. Mizzy wants to pursue a career in the arts, and upends the whole household in the process.

LINE THAT HOOKED ME: “[Mizzy was] one of those smart drifty young people who . . . seems to imagine that youth and brains and willingness will simply summon an occupation, the precise and perfect nature of which will reveal itself in its own time.”


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