Quiz Results: Shame By Books

3 Aug

What’s to be embarrassed about?

The results are in! Many thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural Sorry Television book quiz, which has yielded some truly interesting findings about all you weirdos reading this blog.

First and foremost, the basics. No surprises here. A whopping 80% of you buy books whenever you damn feel like it, which warms the cockles of my heart. Nearly 42% buy books based on the plot summary, (but I’m far more curious about the 3% who do it based on the cover.) Sixty percent of you mark your place in a book with a bookmark, which I find impressive since I lose bookmarks almost immediately (on a related note, to everyone I’ve borrowed books from: sorry for all the dog-ears.) And 43% of you do nothing special when you stumble across a quote you like. (My personal opinion? Write them down. You’ll thank me later.)

Now on to a good one. Out of Going Rogue, Your Best Life Now, Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, 39% of you would be most embarrassed to be caught reading 50 Shades of Grey. An even 25% would be most embarrassed to be seen with Going Rogue or Twilight, and only 10% said they’d be mortified to get caught with Your Best Life Now.

Guys. We need to talk about this. What is with the wholesale rejection of romance novels!? Over a ridiculously ridiculous self-help book? Over anything written by Sarah Palin?!

It’s not that I’m a huge fan of the Harlequin novel, ripped-bodice and six-pack-ab cover illustrations aside. I know there’s a category of isolated cat ladies who spend all their time tearing through these books (I once saw a rather disconcerting documentary about women who read a romance novel every day) and I’m not advocating that any of us become such people. But I have to admit that I see the appeal in escapist nonsense, to the point that I’d much rather lose myself in Bella/Edward or Anastasia/Christian than try to pretend there’s a valuable or even ironic reason to read anything Sarah Palin has ever written. (Don’t even get me started on Joel Osteen.)

To my mind, the implication of being caught reading each of these books is stupidity, or the perception thereof. But at least with novels, there’s an argument for separation between intellect and taste. Nonfiction, on the other hand, is a window to someone’s worldview. I guess I just have a harder time with Sarah Palin’s mind than I do EL James’s imagination.

In my own review of 50 Shades, I give the book one papercut, because rating it any higher would be like giving McDonald’s four stars (I also admit to being obsessed with the male stripping scene in Mr. Mom, but that’s neither here nor there.) Still, if 50 Shades is McDonald’s, its nonfiction poll contenders are Cosi, or one of those places selling “salads” with bacon-flavored croutons and zillion-calorie dressing. Both are wildly unhealthy; one’s just upfront about it.

More results next week! Haven’t take the quiz yet? Get on it.

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