Remember when I posted a book quiz and never gave you all the results?

18 Oct


So approximately a thousand years ago I posted the first-ever Sorry Television book quiz, chock full of interesting questions I wanted you people to answer so that I could judge know more about you preferences when it comes to the great wide world of literature (and 50 Shades of Grey). Well, I appear to have posted half the results two months ago, and then let the whole thing die on the vine. My b guys, my b.

Fortunately for all of us, polls are timeless and their results never change (that’s accurate, right? Someone told me that’s how it works). Which means there’s still time left to share the scintillating results. (For those not keeping score, my earlier post clued you in to the mildly disconcerting fact that the majority of you would be more embarrassed to get caught reading 50 Shades than Going Rogue, Your Best Life Now or Twilight. Which is freaking lame.)

But now we come to the most important part, at least for those of you that (like me) fully expect to meet your future husband in the dusty corners of a used bookstore, when your hands touch while simultaneously reaching for the same copy of *insert classic literary novel here.* Now for the juicy stuff.

When asked which book would MOST attract you to someone if you saw them reading it, 35% of you said David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, which I totally agree with because I’ve started that book three times and still can’t manage to get through it (despite enjoying it, and loving David Foster Wallace.) Also it’s like a thousand pages, and that’s a serious commitment to literature, the type of dedication I would admire in any potential suitor.

In second place, about 25% of you said you would be most attractive to someone reading World War Z or Moby Dick, and bringing up the rear, only 13% would be feeling a guy reading Atlas Shrugged (remember in Dirty Dancing, when the jerk waiter Robby handed Baby a copy of The Fountainhead and told her to read it? I think that solidified my dislike of Ayn Rand forever.)

On the flip flop, when asked which book would most turn you off if you saw someone reading it, a full 50% of you said the Bible, which I completely agree with (excluding potential reading assignments from like, World Religion classes or whatever). Just over 25% of you said you’d be least attracted to someone reading The Notebook, and 21% said Atlas Shrugged. Only 3% said Ulysses (and you’re right, I’m not entirely sure why I threw that one in there.)

Finally, if you and a friend are discussing your favorite book, and he/she admits that they hated it, 47% of you said you’d agree to disagree, but would now secretly question their values and overall taste. Some 43% said you’d simply agree to disagree and 10% said you’d punch that person in the face. Which, I love you guys: Smart, opinionated, secretly judgmental and on occasional, when warranted, violent in the face of cultural difference. Never change.

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